Good Questions to Ask Your Vision Doctor This Summer

1:23 PM, Jul 19, 2019
Child at optometrist

While school is out and kids are able to enjoy a little time off from their jam-packed schedules of classes, and extracurricular activities, summer is the perfect time to visit the optometrist. Before you go to your vision doctor, make sure you familiarize yourself with the questions below. They’ll help guide your visit so you can make the most of your child’s annual trip to the eye doctor.

1. Will you please look at all of my child’s visual skills?

It might sound like a silly question to ask an eye doctor, but oftentimes, doctors get out of the habit of testing for common skills like tracking, how the eyes work together, and focusing. Doctor Joshua Watt of Impact Vision Therapy in Colorado Springs says that all vision doctors know how to look at these visual skills which are important to reading and writing, but unless they’re prompted by parents or their patients, they may not test for them during each visit.

2. Should I be concerned about their school performance?

An annual eye exam is the perfect time to discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s school performance. Perhaps they come home with headaches or are reading at a slightly lower grade level. By bringing these up with your child’s eye doctor, you can more efficiently get to the bottom of the problem, if there is one, rather than ignoring an issue in hopes that it will resolve with time. Dr. Watt also encourages parents to raise concerns about other things like coordination in sports, which can often be connected to their vision, too.

3. Is their prescription up to date?

Naturally, this question will come up during an eye exam, but Dr. Watt suggests parents dig a bit deeper: “Make sure you and your child understand how the glasses are to be worn and why they need them. Understanding some of the meaning behind this, like when do we need to wear the glasses, are the glasses to be worn only for reading, are they to be worn for distance and we take them off for reading, or are they to be worn all the time, can be extremely helpful.”

Most importantly, Dr. Watt urges parents to be as forthcoming with your child’s eye doctor as possible. “A lot of the patients that I see had to go to two or three doctors to find somebody who would prompt and ask the right questions.” He continues, “Really sharing, ‘I’m concerned with my kid’s reading level. They get home from school at 3 and are absolutely exhausted and pass out in the car as we’re driving home.’ That’s concerning; that means the child is working really, really hard all day long and they can’t do it anymore.” Dr. Watt says that by sharing information like this, will enable the doctor to get your child to proper help faster.

Dr. Watt and the professionals at Impact Vision Therapy offer comprehensive vision evaluations to help determine your visual issues and map out therapy solutions unique to your eyes. They are friendly and interested in helping you and your family, and they’ll help you get to the heart of the problem and guide you towards a solution that will have you unlocking your potential in no time. Check out their incredible testimonials at and give them a call at (719) 302-8922 to schedule your evaluation.

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