Your Healthy Family: What are Misophonia and Hyperacusis?

11:04 AM, Jul 09, 2019

Following up on our Your Healthy Family story about tinnitus, Dr. Cassie Iliff with Hearing Consultants of Colorado Springs says many tinnitus patients can also have a related disorder.

Dr. Iliff explains about sixty percent of people with tinnitus also have misophonia. "Misophonia is where someone is averse to very specific sounds. You hear about people who can't stand chewing, they won't eat with their families. This usually comes on around adolescence and can progress through life. It can start to be more sounds, like clicking, sniffing, a chair scraping across the floor, that sort of thing. I even had a patient who was averse to the kissing sound so he couldn't get into a relationship with anyone because all he thought about - was the sound making him irrationally angry."

Dr. Iliff says about twenty-five to thirty percent of tinnitus sufferers deal with another related disorder called hyperacusis where people are more sensitive to loud sounds, and react to them more than others.

Dr. Iliff says most people may not much of the sound of a car backfiring, but a person with hyperacusis would, "Have a greater reaction and become upset, maybe their tinnitus worsens."

Dr. Iliff says it's important if these disorders are present, to diagnoses them correctly so that the overall treatment for tinnitus can be effective.

"If you don't treat them in the right order, you'll never see the success because if you have tinnitus but you also have hyperacusis, and you don't treat hyperacusis - you can never get better from tinnitus."

In a future story Dr. Iliff will explain how to successful treat tinnitus, misophonia and hyperacusis.

If you have any questions, follow up with the folks at Hearing Consultants of Colorado Springs.

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