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Your Healthy Family: Sign up for free Stop the Bleed classes in Colorado Springs

Posted at 11:50 AM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 13:15:46-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Too often in the headlines these days are stories of mass shootings where people say they never thought it would happen in their community. There are many ways someone could suffer an injury where they could bleed to death, including a gunshot wound.

Lori Morgan, paramedic and injury prevention specialist with UCHealth Memorial, points out, “You could come across a crash on the road. You can get hurt at home, you could get hurt at work, you could get hurt at school, you could get hurt at the mall. It doesn't matter where you are - it can happen anywhere and if you're prepared, you can save a life.

Lori teaches a free class for UCHealth called “Stop the Bleed,” which is available to individuals, businesses and organizations in southern Colorado.

Lori says simple training can save a life. “If someone is injured and it takes them a couple of minutes to bleed to death and the arrival of the first responders takes six minutes, there's a disparity there. If you're there, you can do something and you can save a life.”

To some, knowing to apply direct pressure to a wound that is bleeding might be common knowledge, but Lori says there are other skills that can be life-saving, too.

“A lot of people don't know what to do and some people do have a misconception of what to do. It doesn't take a lot of time to learn how to do the techniques properly. Wound packing is one of the skills we teach along with direct pressure and how to use a tourniquet.”

Through a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, along with the training, UCHealth is providing Stop the Bleed kits to local businesses, churches, school districts and law enforcement.

Lori says, “We recently received a grant that allowed us to provide over 400 kits. In the kit there are scissors so you can cut clothes to find the wound. There is a card with the steps you need to take (to stop the bleeding). There is a marker pen so you can write on the tourniquet (the time it’s applied) and some gloves and gauze to pack the wound.”

If you or your organization is interested in receiving this free life-saving training, simply reach out to Lori.

“You can call me at 719-365-2872, or you can go to injuryprevention@uchealth.Org. So either either email me or call me and we'll talk and get you on the schedule.”