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Your Healthy Family: Is your dental hygienist doing a complete job?

Posted at 9:59 AM, Aug 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-02 13:58:46-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — A dental hygienist plays a critical role in a visit to the dentist’s office says Colorado Springs Dentist Dr. Fred Guerra.

“The dental hygienist is usually the first clinical contact you have when you come into a dental office.”

The hygienist is also the person you will spend the most time with, and they should do much more than clean your teeth.

Dr. Guerra says, “She's probably going to be starting off with your blood pressure, a complete review of your medical history, and she'll probably go into your dental treatment background. Things about your care in the past that you've liked you haven't liked. The hygienist's goal is to find out as much as they can about your current medical condition so that as a team we can help you as much as possible.”

Cleaning your teeth is also an important part of the hygienist's duties. Dr. Guerra says believe it or not, it shouldn't be a painful experience.

“You want a hygienist that is gentle, thorough and understands your unique treatment needs. When the doctor comes in and is discussing the treatment needs with the patient, the hygienist should already have a good idea of what treatment the patient might need, and can let the doctor know unique conditions that the patient has.”

Finally, Dr. Guerra says when the dentist does see you, they should be seeing the same things in your mouth that your hygienist has already seen and discussed with you.

“It makes it a lot easier for the dentist when he comes in to discuss the findings. Then the patient has more confidence in the dental office, that as a team they are diagnosing and recommending the right treatment for them.”

If you have any questions, follow up with your dentist.

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