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Your Healthy Family: Finding the source of your back pain

Posted at 9:52 AM, Aug 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 13:14:17-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Physical therapists can help heal many aches, pains, and injuries. The most common chronic issue they generally see - back pain. If back pain is something you deal with you may be wondering where is a good place to start trying to feel better.

Jason Pickerell, is an occupational therapist and the owner of Rehab for All in Colorado Springs and says, “A good first step is to do all the conservative things that to me, I just think most people know. Look at your diet, exercise, are you not getting sleep? Look at how much aspirin you're taking, how much Tylenol and hopefully you're not taking opioids regularly, that kind of stuff.”

If those simple steps don't bring you relief it's likely time to have someone else like your doctor or a physical therapist help you figure out the source of the pain.

Jason says, “There are so many diagnoses and injuries. It could be a long term diagnosis like fibromyalgia which is general fibrous and muscle tissue pain through the whole body. There are more chronic conditions like arthritis that we live with forever and it eventually can go up the spine. Then there are sports injuries and things like that are acute and long-term. It always seems to be pain shooting down the back and legs that impacts everything we do, and really impacts daily activities.”

Jason also says knowing the source of back pain is key to finding the right treatment. “With back pain you have to look at the cause to get to the right solution. Is it bio-mechanical, is it physiological, is it just one one muscle spasm, is it inflammation? You want to find out what it is. Is it arthritis in the spine, is a nerve being pinched? Does it necessitate surgery or could we do some strengthening and improve the posture that way, and relieve the pressure this way and it really depends on what it is.”

If you are wondering if physical therapy could help you with pain or quality of life issues, Jason says you can feel free to pick up the phone and call Rehab For All, they will be happy to answer your questions.

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