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Your Healthy Family: Do you know the ABC's of bleed control?

Posted at 9:38 AM, Aug 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-06 13:35:38-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Today we are reviewing a very important topic and initiative from UCHealth that stresses the importance of everyone knowing how to save a life when someone is bleeding and seconds count.

Dr. Abid Khan is a trauma surgeon with UCHealth Memorial in Colorado Springs. Dr. Khan says, "We're losing too many people in the field to bleeding. Bleeding potentially is preventable and so what our goal here is to train (our) people on how to train the lay public on stopping bleeding."

One of the things taught in the free “Stop the Bleed” classes from UCHealth are the ABC’s of bleeding control.

A - Alert someone, call 911

B - Find the source of the bleed

C - Compress and apply pressure

As a flight nurse with UCHealth's Lifeline, Ami Bess knows that when anyone suffers a trauma that results in bleeding – like a shooting – the first step to saving lives is applying tourniquets, packing wounds, and applying pressure to stop or slow the bleeding until first responders can arrive.

Ami says every second makes a difference and it’s the kind of knowledge everyone needs to know. "UCHealth has a really great stop the bleed program. It's for the community people in this day and age of mass shootings and things like that controlling bleeding is one of the ways we can keep people from dying."

UCHealth emphasizes the training to their staff, so they can in turn share the training with our communities.

Ami says, "They reached out to several of us on the flight team and we have even taken a course. It's super important that we know what's being taught because we're part of the community, and helping other people learn something that's so simple – but so very very important to lifesaving.”

To schedule a local class for your group or place of employment, write Lori Morgan at UCHealth Memorial Hospital at

Free classes are being offered in the coming months, in the Fort Collins area and Steamboat Springs if you are interested in a road trip.

You can see a schedule of free classes available and register at UCHealth.Org/events.

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