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12:24 PM, Aug 02, 2019
Haas Vision Center Doctors

Haas Vision Center is a comprehensive eye clinic that can evaluate and treat medical and surgical issues of the eye. We treat cataracts, dry eyes, diabetic eye issues, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Meet our board certified ophthalmologists Dr. Michael Haas and Dr. David Davis.

Dr. Michael Haas is a board-certified, comprehensive ophthalmologist who has been in private practice since 2005. He has a special interest in cataract surgery and will evaluate all other medical diseases of the eye. Dr. Haas decided to start his own practice for several reasons, but mostly to assure that patients have a great experience. Too often patients can feel like just a number, and at Haas Vision Center they should feel like extended family. He always makes sure to answer all questions by the end of the visit. Patient care and education are the focus of the practice, while working to minimize wait times. Learn more

Dr. David A. Davis is 3 times board-certified with written board scores at the 93rd percentile of all ophthalmologists. He has worked in Colorado Springs since 2012 and has participated in multiple research studies here in Colorado, recently serving as a principal investigator in 2 clinical trials leading to FDA approval of the new glaucoma drop “rhopressa”. He has always loved teaching, and has in the past received several awards for teaching ophthalmology to family practice resident as well as being recognized by the Illinois College of Optometry for helping educate their students and teaching orbital anatomy at the Navy PA school. Learn more

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6385 Corporate Drive
Suite 307
Colorado Springs CO 80919
Call for an appointment (719) 272-4227
Hours: Mon - Fri. 8am - 5pm

24 Club Manor Drive
Suite 201
Pueblo, CO 81008
Call for an appointment (719) 272-4227
Hours: Mon - Fri. 8am - 5pm

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