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11:39 AM, Jan 05, 2021
Dr. Kurt's Place

At Dr. Kurt’s Place, we use functional medicine to target the root cause of your sickness. Fatigue and other health problems often come from underlying issues, and direct treatment can help resolve your poor health and restore much-needed energy.

The advantage of using root cause healthcare is that you're addressing what caused you to get sick, not just suppressing the symptoms of your sickness.

When your body constantly feels stressed and strained, you may have a hard time leaving that state. As a result, you could experience effects in the forms of chronic illness, fatigue, and other medical issues. To top it off, you may not even realize what stressors put your body on this draining path in the first place.

While some doctors focus on treating side effects and symptoms, Dr. Kurt Perkins targets the source of your health problems to help you get healthy. He uses a three-phase process to help uncover and treat the cause of your symptoms:


Discovery is about getting to the root of your fatigue. We could line up 10 people with fatigue and find that all 10 had developed it differently. That’s why we will find your personalized path by focusing on individual testing, mindset, and opportunity.

You can schedule a free discovery call at DrKurtsPlace.com or by calling 719-602-4545. This complimentary 15-minute call is the first step in your journey back to health. You will learn more about the unique program and can ask any questions you have.


The development stage focuses on creating and executing an action plan for you. You will be equipped with all the tools, techniques, and technology to get your desired results and maintain them.


Finally, the dominating stage is all about taking your extra, developed energy and getting you back to pursuing your life’s purposes and passions. Our program strives to upgrade your overall health and give you energy to serve, lead, and dominate.

When you constantly deal with frustrating medical problems and fatigue, it might be tempting to devalue your experience. But putting off necessary medical care to power through the pain won’t bring happiness or health.

Dr. Perkins stresses that no symptom is unimportant in his video, “No Symptom is Stupid.” If you are experiencing any type of symptom, it is worth addressing by treating the root cause, so you can get back to full functionality.

At Dr. Kurt’s Place, we have helped many people with a variety of conditions but what we’re best at, what we enjoy the most, and what we’ve had the best track record with is helping you get more energy to serve, lead, and dominate. We’re not diagnosing or treating your disease, we are working to upgrade your overall health and well-being.

Dr. Perkins has been honored for his work, with these recognitions:

  • Gold winner of Non-Traditional Health Practitioner in the Best of Colorado Springs 2017 reader-voted contest
  • Silver winner of Non-Traditional Health Practitioner in the Best of Colorado Springs 2020 reader-voted contest
  • Featured speaker at the Metabolism Summit

Explore our YouTube channel to learn more and visit DrKurtsPlace.com for details and to book your free discovery call.

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Dr. Kurt Perkins
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