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10:28 AM, Oct 14, 2019
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Breathe Correct operates breathing wellness centers with a team of specially trained dentists and staff that work with other healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat and prevent breathing and sleep-related disorders caused by an airway collapse or restriction. We offer all-natural treatments to develop the jaws and restore natural airway function. This in turn reduces airway restrictions, straightens teeth and allows for better breathing and sleep quality.

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Treatment for Children 2 and up

The importance of getting quality sleep for a growing child is vital to their optimal physical and mental growth and development. At Breathe Correct, we diagnose and treat children from age 2 and up, starting with a comprehensive exam and 3-D xray to identify the underlying causes of your child’s jaw, breathing or dental problems.

There are three areas of a child’s health we focus on:

  1. Elimination of airway restrictions to minimize sleep disordered breathing and its resulting symptoms such as ADD/ADHD, behavioral problems, bed wetting, daytime drowsiness, night terrors and chronic allergies.
  2. Proper growth of the jaws, which directly affects the development of a proper bite and straight teeth, thus possibly eliminating the need for braces or orthodontic treatments.
  3. Establishing proper habits and function by correcting bad habits, such as mouth breathing and snoring, and providing a series of easy-to-do exercises to correct breathing, swallowing and chewing disorders.
Breathe Correct

Treatment for adults

Normal healthy breathing is silent and through the nose during day and night. In the case of someone with snoring, mouth breathing, or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), not only is their quality of sleep impacted, but the decrease in breathing quality during sleep can lead to less oxygen available in the blood to be delivered to the body, brain, and vital organs. Many health issues and symptoms can result, such as: high blood pressure, stroke, heart conditions, headaches, asthma, chronic allergies, anxiety, depression, daytime drowsiness, obesity, aggression, chronic pain, cognitive decline and more.

We utilize a variety of all-natural treatment options, such as oral appliances and myofunctional therapy, to help remodel the upper airway and jaws resulting in better breathing, better sleep and a reduction in symptoms and health conditions caused by OSA. Our goal is to help you breathe and sleep better so you can LIVE FULLY!

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