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4 years 6 months ago

Astronauts make final spacewalk of mission

The Atlantis astronauts are making one last spacewalk before leaving the International Space Station. Two of the shuttle crew ventured out Friday morning to finish installing fresh station batteries. It's the third spacewalk this week for the visiting astronauts. Spacewalkers Garrett Reisman and Michael Good will plug in...

4 years 6 months ago

Astronauts ready, big crowd awaits launch

The biggest launch-day crowd in years is anxiously awaiting the last planned liftoff of space shuttle Atlantis. Only two missions are left after this one as NASA retires the shuttle fleet. More than 40,000 guests have descended on Kennedy Space Center. VIPs on the list include Defense Secretary Robert...

5 years 1 day ago

Astronauts get extra moving time at space station

The astronauts aboard the shuttle-station complex are getting some extra moving time. Space shuttle Atlantis has been declared free of any worrisome launch damage. That means the crewmen won't need to conduct another detailed inspection of their ship until after they leave the International Space Station. They will fill the...

5 years 2 days ago

Cargo-laden shuttle arrives at space station

After making a 360-degree inspection flip in orbit, the space shuttle Atlantis delivered tons of supplies to the International Space Station on Wednesday. Astronaut Nicole Stott, a space station resident for the past two and a half months, was thrilled to see her ride home. She spotted Atlantis from...

5 years 3 days ago

Astronauts inspect space shuttle for damage

Astronauts aboard the shuttle Atlantis have begun a close inspection of the craft's thermal shield, checking for any possible damage during yesterday's launch. They're using a 100-foot, laser-tipped inspection boom, which was first focused on Atlantis' right wing. The job is expected to last into the afternoon. NASA officials say...

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