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4 years 2 months ago

Groups allied to GOP boost their fundraising

New freedom from fundraising restrictions established by the Supreme Court are paying off for at least some Republican-allied groups. Two affiliated groups led by a blue-chip cast of Washington Republican strategists have raised a combined $32 million, creating a parallel and unofficial Republican campaign to defeat Democrats in November....

4 years 3 months ago

'Trackers' could throw Colorado election

They're as common at campaign stops as colorful banners: hand-held cameras wielded by politicians' opponents to catch them making a stupid mistake. So how come candidates keep getting tripped up by "trackers" who record their every move? Trackers have been credited for spoiling campaigns from Virginia to Nevada. ...

5 years 1 month ago

Letterman spared sex jokes by politicians

The politicians David Letterman made fun of for fooling around are not getting back at him now that he's in the middle of his own sex scandal. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford says he feels sorry for Letterman. He says he takes "no glee" from Letterman's troubles. Former Congressman Mark...

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