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3 years 3 months ago

House passes debt-ceiling agreement

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House has passed legislation designed to keep the government from defaulting on its debts. The measure also sets a course for reducing the federal deficit in the future. The Senate, where support is stronger, is expected to take up the bill on Tuesday, the deadline for...

3 years 3 months ago

Romney opposes debt deal

Exeter, N.H. (AP) - Mitt Romney said Monday he opposes the compromise to raise the nation's debt ceiling, becoming the second Republican presidential contender to oppose a deal backed by President Barack Obama and congressional leaders in both parties. The plan, which supporters say is needed to avert a...

3 years 3 months ago

'Really close' to debt deal as deadline nears

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Racing to avoid a government default, President Barack Obama and Republican congressional leaders reached urgently for a compromise Sunday to permit vital borrowing by the Treasury in exchange for more than $2 trillion in long-term spending cuts. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said the two sides were...

3 years 3 months ago

Debt negotiations underway at White House

WASHINGTON (AP) - White House officials and congressional Republicans are discussing a potential agreement that could end their bitter debt limit showdown. The hope is that a deal can be completed by Tuesday to avert a possible government default. Officials speaking on condition of anonymity say the White House and...

3 years 3 months ago

Dems, GOP still at loggerheads as clock ticks

WASHINGTON (AP) - The GOP-controlled House and the Democratic Senate remain at loggerheads over debt legislation that's required to avoid a first-ever default on U.S. financial obligations. Lawmakers and the White House head into the weekend still in search of compromise. Weekend talks follow a week of extraordinary partisanship...

4 years 10 months ago

Democrats propose $1.9T increase in debt limit

Senate Democrats have proposed permitting the federal government to borrow an additional $1.9 trillion to pay its bills. That would permit the national debt to reach $14.3 trillion. The unpopular legislation is needed to allow the federal government to issue bonds to fund programs and prevent a first-time default...

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