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1 year 6 months ago

ADHD could lead to obesity

Men who were diagnosed with ADHD as children are two times more likely to be obese as adults, according to a study in the journal Pediatrics. Researchers say some of the symptoms of ADHD could lead to poor eating choices, like a lack of impulse control and poor planning...

1 year 7 months ago

Numbers out on ADHD cases

Close to one in ten school-age children have been diagnosed with ADHD. That's according to data compiled by the New York Times. The raw data came from a CDC survey of 76,000 parents. It found 11% of school children had received a medical diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Overall,...

4 years 1 month ago

Kids with ADHD more likely to have missing DNA

Researchers say a new study provides the first evidence that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is genetic. The study says ADHD kids are twice as likely to have missing or extra chromosomes than other children. British researchers focused on a sequence of genes linked to brain development that has previously...

4 years 6 months ago

Researchers: pesticides linked to ADHD in children

A new study suggests a link between children's attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and exposure to common pesticides used on fruits and vegetables. The study found detectable levels of pesticide compounds in the urine of almost all the children studied. The kids with higher levels had increased chances of having ADHD,...

5 years 2 months ago

Dopamine seen as root of ADHD

Researchers using brain scans believe they've found the root of ADHD. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is one of the most prevalent mental disorders in children and teens - but it can also persist long past adolescence. It can impair a person's ability to pay attention, complete tasks and be productive....

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