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Red light cameras coming to Colorado Springs

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The Colorado Springs Police Department has the green light to start installing red light cameras around the city.

"People should know they're running a red light and know not to," said Manaia Griffin, who has lived in Colorado Springs for three years.

"It's kind of how you get your license in the first place.  So I feel it would be helpful in ensuring they don't do that anymore," she added.

The cameras will record collision data, intersection volume and construction, speed issues, and pedestrian safety.

But one Colorado Springs man worries it's going to create a new problem.

"They've caused a lot of rear end traffic accidents," he said, referring to when he lived in Boston and Los Angeles.

"So if they increase the yellow light time, it would probably decrease the amount of possible minor accidents."

The initial costs are covered by the city's 2018 budget.

The ongoing costs, though, will be generated from fines people pay for running those red lights--which raised a concern with another Colorado resident.

"I'm from Albuquerque where they did this and I think people just ran them anyway.  I think they just sent them bills in the mail and they didn't pay them," said Bryson Eldridge.

The location of those cameras hasn't been decided yet--but drivers already have some suggestions.

"For the most part--downtown wise--people don't really listen to the 25 speed limit.  I see a lot of people pushing the zones on yellow light and red light," said Griffin.

"Anywhere where you're going really fast--like Powers or Briargate, where you can go pretty fast.  I think that would be a good spot to put them because I think the collisions can be fatal in those scenarios," Eldridge pointed out.

We reached out to CSPD, with questions about whether yellow light times would be altered--but our calls were not returned.

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