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USA Basketball hopes 3 on 3 Basketball takes off

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Three on three basketball is coming off the street and into the court. 

USA Basketball showcased the "new sport" at the Olympic Training Center over the weekend and hopes it will take off. The sport has been added to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo and that international exposure will is aimed at growing the game.

"It's a compliment, like how beach volleyball is to indoor volleyball, it's a compliment," said USA Basketball CEO Jim Tooley. "It's getting the sport to grow internationally and the United States is providing a sport to kids who otherwise wouldn't have it with the five on five game. The greatest thing is now it's amplified being in the Olympic Games and when kids see that, it will be something that really helps this grow."

It's a sped up version of the five on five game: First team to 21 points wins, 10 minute games, 12 second shot clock, four players on a team and no coaches on the bench. The sport is aimed at the younger millennial generation and they hope it grabs hold. 

"Lets face it - they don't want to sit and watch a three hour baseball game or a two hour basketball game," said Craig Moore, USA 3 on 3 National Team member. "This is 25 minutes and it can be very exciting with two pointers and dunks and other long range shots - it can get to be pretty fun." 

A shot inside the arc is worth one point while a shot outside the arc is worth two. One foul shot is awarded until a team gets seven fouls then they get two. 

"It's a completely different pace," said Samantha Brunelle, 3 on 3 national champ on Team Quest from Virginia. "It's a lot faster and it requires a lot of mental toughness,it challenges you to make tougher decisions." 

The Olympic exposure will hopefully bring awareness to the game for USA Basketball. The US National Team said the sped up version of the game is taking hold in international markets. 

"We just went down to Brazil and competed in an event where 32 million people watched it on national TV in Brazil," said Craig Moore, Team USA member. "Only 100 million people watch the Super Bowl and 32 million people watched basketball on TV in Brazil. There is definitely a following in China and Eastern Europe. It's been a little bit slower in America but I think it will catch on once we have a pretty good product." 

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