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Your Healthy Family: Why is sleep awareness week important?

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Many undiagnosed sleep issues can be fixed relatively easily Many undiagnosed sleep issues can be fixed relatively easily

This week is National Sleep Awareness Week.  If your one of the lucky ones and you don't struggle falling asleep waking up or getting the amount of sleep you need, this week isn't for you.

Dr. Timothy Rummel is a board certified sleep doctor with UCHealth Memorial who can relate with those who have sleep issues.  “All those folks who have no trouble, they fall asleep easily they get their 7 to 8 hours, they wake up refreshed, and that's a significant portion of the population they're just there to mock us people who have trouble.”

If your not in the sleeping easy category sleep week is for you because many sleep issues can be fixed.  Dr. Rummel says raising awareness is key.

“It (Sleep Week) raises the consciousness of how important it is to have good sleep health and whether that means for those people that are having the symptoms of sleep apnea, for those that have insomnia, or those folks that really have a messed up sleep cycle that doesn't match with their work obligations they all have some room some room to grow in terms of their sleep health.”

If you have unhealthy sleep habits and feel chronically tired Dr. Rummel says you don't always need to see a sleep expert for help, often your primary care doctor can help.

“The folks that come to me now days are getting a little more complicated because their primary care can handle the majority.  I would say of the folks that we see in our sleep clinic and we generally see somewhere around fifteen patients a day, two thirds of them can handle their problem with a relatively simple fix.”

In our next your healthy family story, Dr. Rummel will be talking more about those specific problems and how they can be corrected.  

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