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Officer-involved shootings putting strain on police officers, businesses

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Businesses shutting down and officers being placed on administrative paid leave in the wake of officer-involved shootings are both putting a strain on the Pueblo community.

This morning's officer-involved shooting marks the third one this year.

"These interactions that officers are having with suspects are growing more and more violent," said Captain Kenny Rider with Pueblo Police Department.

The parking lot on Regency Square was taped off for most of the day and now two more officers are on routine paid leave.

Counting the officer-involved shooting less than a week ago, there's four officers total on leave.

That's about half the number of officers on duty at any given time.

It could take up to ten days for them to be cleared to return to work.

"When this many officers are out at one single time, you know, we have to back-fill those and get those positions filled and that requires overtime, it requires officers working extra hours, and it just puts a strain on everybody involved," said Captain Rider.

And while not by choice, business owners are involved, too.

News 5 spoke to Terry Behrman, who who owns two businesses  - her smoke shop was caught in the cross fire.

Bullets came through her door and wall and what they don't show are paying customers. 

Pueblo Police asked her to close down for hours until investigators could process the scene inside and outside.

"Well I'm gonna lose quite a bit of money shutting down for a whole day and I do have a door to replace and a wall with holes in it so it's a little disturbing but at lease no one was hurt," said Behrman.

While no one inside the store was hurt, the same can't be said for these shops' income.

"It's probably going to be well over three or four thousand dollars today or would've been, probably 60 customers or more today that we're missing," added Behrman.

Pueblo Police are now conducting a study to look for any common trends in these officer-involved shootings and find out what they can do to better protect their officers.

So far, Pueblo Police have determined suspects in this year's officer-involved shootings all share a violent past.

"The scary thing for us, we're so early in 2018 that we don't know what the rest of the year is going to hold for us. These things are happening more often and they're more violent and so it's worrisome," added Rider.


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