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How to prevent being tracked through electronic devices

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There's a location tracker in almost every electronic device we use from our smartphones, to our laptops, and our fitness watches. It raises a privacy issue for some. 

News 5 set out to get some answers on steps to take to prevent tracking. 

Kurt Peterson, owner of Experimac in Pueblo, says it's as simple as tapping that location option on your devices. However, he says it's also about being smart with the information you share, and with the friend and follower requests you confirm. 

When it comes to having location services at the tips of our fingers, Peterson said, "It's pros and cons." 

They can be helpful when navigating around town, but they can also create an opportunity for people to track you down at the touch of a button. 

Michaela Davalos said, "You don't know who's looking at that information." 

James Parker said, "A lot of these kids don't realize the safety concerns with leaving that location on. Me, personally, I always try to go into my settings, take that location thing off. Even me, I don't want everybody knowing where I'm at 24 hours a day or what I'm doing." 

Here is how Peterson says you can stay off the grid: 

 "In your settings on your iPhone you'll see that there's a sub-menu for privacy. When you go into the privacy menu...you have location services...and you can just turn all of them off...or you can go app by app and turn off the specific apps that might be tracking." 

Peterson says you take the same steps when using an Android, Fitbit, or Apple watch. If you're using a MacBook go under System Preferences. 

"There is an option here for Security and Privacy. Under Security and Privacy you have Location Services and there underneath System Services you hit your details, and you can turn off each one of these tabs." 

Peterson said, "It's difficult to hack into things like your iPhones or your iPads so I wouldn't say that's your biggest concern. It's more about your apps that you use." 

His example is the Strava app where followers can see exactly where he's exercising. 

"You have to be careful about who you're inviting into your apps so that maybe it just gives you a little bit more security."

Something else Peterson wants people to know is that going into the App Store on devices will automatically turn Location Services back on. 

He says the only way to truly go off the grid is to turn devices off. 

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