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"420 friendly" sex event at Colorado Springs cannabis club raises questions

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The Speakeasy Vape Lounge and Cannabis Club's decision to advertise a "clothing optional" "420 friendly" sex event is having many ask on social media, 'is this legal?'

According Jaymen Johnson, who owns the lounge, it is.

"There is no licensing requirements from this. The city and state require it be a private event held in a private center."

The Vape Lounge posted an advertisement online, which advertised an event that charged admission, on the second Saturday of every month. The advertisement read in part:

"The Speakeasy Vape Lounge and Cannabis Club will close its doors to the public so that we can have the place to ourselves for a 420 friendly play party."

People must RSVP ahead of the event, and attend an orientation that same night.

Johnson said he's responding to high demand in the community. 

"We don't expect that everybody's going to want to come and that's okay," said Sarie Randezzo, who's the "Director of Lust" for the website Sinful-Living.com. "There is a need for it. There is a place that is allowed us to provide it, so we're going to do it."

However, for Daniel Goodman, who's the owner of the Dab Lounge, he said it's a black eye to the cannabis community.

"I can't believe city council would shut all the other clubs down, but let this guy stay going," Goodman said. "Those people have no idea that the bong they're about to hit could have been God knows where the night before."

Johnson said cleanliness and safety are important. He said there's a waiver you're required to sign, with a list of rules you must follow before joining the party.

"Ask before touching. No means no. Only ask once," said Randezzo.

Randezzo's website, which hosted the advertisement, told people to: "Bring your smoke and bring the lube because you're going to need both for this party!!"

However, when we showed that ad to Wade Haugen, the owner of Auto Truck Group, he wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea.

"Oh yeah, that's not going to go well," Haugen said. "I would imagine that would bring in a certain amount of clientele we're not interested in having in this area."

Randezzo said that shouldn't be a concern, and that no laws will be broken when the event happens on Saturday.

"The people that are coming here have to be clothed when they're outside," Randezzo said. "So it's not like it's going to be naked people walking up and down the street."

The advertisement said single men have to pay $35 to get in, couples pay $25 and single women pay $5 admission.

The club said admission for single men may be restricted.

News 5 reached out the City of Colorado Springs concerning the legality of the event. City officials referred all questions to Colorado Springs Police. Police said they're looking into it, and did not comment.

News 5 also reached out to the health department, which said it didn't have a say in regulating this business.

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