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Leaving running cars unattended: police warn of potential dangers

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A Pueblo woman is facing a child abuse charge after leaving her two-year-old alone in a running car Tuesday morning.

The car ended up getting stolen.

News 5 spoke with Captain Kenny Rider of the Pueblo Police Department about this case and other risks linked to leaving cars unattended.

Rider says stolen cars can skyrocket this time of year.

The weather starts to cool off and people want to warm up their cars. People will turn on their car, but then get out and walk away from it. By doing this they run the risk of their vehicle getting stolen or something even worse happening.

Rider said, "I know that a lot of people do itit's just one of those things we ask for people not to do it for so many different reasons."

Leaving a running car unattended in Colorado is against the law.

"If it's unoccupied and it's running it's illegal."

If youre caught doing this you could get slapped with a ticket.

Even worse, you could put others in danger. Thats what happened in Pueblo on Tuesday.

"The female went back inside of her apartment and left the child in the car with the car running, and when she came back out the car had been stolenluckily whoever stole the vehicle took the kid about three blocks to the west of where it was stolen from and dropped the kid off in a neighborhood."

Police found the child unharmed.

Its the second such incident to happen in just a few days.

Last week, Colorado Springs police arrested a father who left his three-month-old alone in a running car.

A suspect stole the car, later leaving the child near a dumpster in a back alley. That child was found and is also okay.

Rider said, "Especially in a situation like this where there's a child inside of it, it really increases the risk of something bad happening."

Thats why the Pueblo Police Department is once again taking to social media. The department posted a crime prevention video about puffing to its Facebook page.

"That's one of our big campaigns that we do every fall is to push that information out and remind the public to not leave your vehicle running because we want to prevent auto thefts as much as we possibly can.

Police also want to prevent other potential dangers.

"Not only can your vehicle be stolen, butit's dangerous because I've seen vehicles get into drive and pull away, crash into things when they're unattended."

Regarding Tuesdays incident, Rider says the mom is facing a misdemeanor charge. Its up to the Pueblo County District Attorneys office what happens moving forward.

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