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Your Healthy Family: Navigating grief in a positive and healthy way

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Don't lose hope you won't feel like this forever. Don't lose hope you won't feel like this forever.

Grief is something all of us will encounter in our lives at one time or another.  Michelle Haybel with Mayfield Counseling in Colorado Springs says it’s important to know how to navigate grief.

“The first thing that I want to share about grief is that it's unique and very personal to each individual. There is no one correct way to grieve, and there's no single time frame to go through the process.  Two people can lose the same person, and yet experience grief completely differently because they each have a unique relationship with that person.”

One thing people grieving tend to do, is to not take care of themselves.  While there is no one proper way to grieve, there are some common unhealthy ways to grieve.  Over or under eating, or abusing alcohol or drugs to cope can be very negative.  Michelle says that's when people grieving need honest feedback from those closest to them.  

“It's important to find support for people who are experiencing profound grief.  They need people who care about them to speak directly and honestly to them to help them to avoid negative unhealthy behaviors.  Lean into friends, family, find a counselor, a pastor or even check out any local grief groups.  Profound grief is full of emotions that need to be expressed in healthy ways.  Some ways that you can do that are through talking, crying, journaling, and even art, while allowing yourself to feel your loss.  There’s no shame in tears.  Although you may not be able to see it at the time, the truth is you can have a future without your loved one.  Don't lose hope you won't feel like this forever.”

Michelle also says remaining stagnant in grief and not moving through it is unhealthy.  The best way to honor those we have lost is by finding our way back to a productive life.  If you're struggling with grief please reach out and talk with someone.

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