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Your Healthy Family: UCHealth & Orangetheory tackle breast cancer

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As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month the folks at Orangetheory Fitness in Colorado Springs have teamed up with UCHealth Memorial to highlight the benefits of high intensity interval workouts when it comes to reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Lisa Adams is a Physician Assistant with the UCHealth Memorial Cancer Center, who says there are many ways to be cancer aware.  “We are often told to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, quit smoking or avoid smoking to reduce risk of lung cancer, but what many people don't know is that they've identified 13 different cancers that are associated with being overweight, and obese, breast cancer among them.  Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of breast cancer by as much as thirty to sixty percent,"

Also, when it comes to exercise and fitness, Lisa says there’s good, better and best and something is always better than nothing.  "For exercise in general they've found that at least two and a half hours a week of moderate activity can reduce your risk of breast cancer by as much as thirty to forty percent, depending on the studies that you looked at.  When you are more active doing more vigorous exercise, that risk is even lower so definitely doing something rather than nothing is better.  The more vigorous exercise you do the better your health will be and the lower your risk for breast cancer will be.”

Interval training has been shown be to very effective when it comes to increasing fitness.  If you have ever watched an interval training class, some of the higher achieving people can make it look intimidating.  Erik Galloway is the General Manager of Orangetheory in Colorado Springs, and he says interval training is for everyone.  “There are people of all ages, all backgrounds, all fitness levels in our classes.  We provide options so you can power walk, you can jog, you can run.  We have options on the strength floor, for our jumping exercises, so that everybody is  working the same muscle groups and your heart rate is still climbing."

Saturday October 14th, both Orangetheory locations in Colorado Springs have teamed up with UCHealth Memorial to offer a free interval training class.  Erik says it’s a great chance to raise awareness of fitness and breast cancer awareness.  "We're trying to raise awareness for breast cancer survivors and for those that are looking to lessen their chances of cancer.  If you're interested in trying a class we do ask that you call ahead because space is limited.  It’s absolutely free so there's no charge whatsoever."

Following the classes, a UCHealth cancer specialist will be at both locations to answer questions and share important information about cancer in general terms and breast cancer specifically.  Lisa Adams will be at the Orangetheory on Academy Blvd, and Dr. Ann Mellott will be at the Stetson Hills Blvd location.

Lisa says that the overall advantages of high intensity interval training do more than help prevent breast cancer. “Studies have shown even during breast cancer therapy, regular exercise has been shown to reduce side effects associated with treatment like fatigue, insomnia, or anxiety.  It has also been shown to improve adherence to therapy and getting all that therapy  completed and once you're through with all your therapies for breast cancer they have studies that show exercise can help reduce your risk of recurrent breast cancer as well.  So exercise is not only important to prevent breast cancer but it’s also helpful in reducing the risk of recurrent breast cancer, and even risk of death from breast cancer."

So what are you waiting for?  The free classes are at 1:30 and again, space is limited so you need to call ahead.  You can call until 7:30 Friday night, and someone will be answering the phones after 6am Saturday morning.

Orangetheory Fitness

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