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Police and D11 officials call for vigilance after planned school attack

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Parents in Colorado Springs School District 11 say they are frightened, but also relieved that what police say is a school shooting planned by two students, was stopped by police.

The 13-year-old boys went to Sabin Middle School in the Village Seven neighborhood near Academy and Carefree.  

Police say they wrote out a "kill list" with the names of students and staff while discussing how to carry out their threats.

The boys were taken into custody on Friday and no students were harmed but parents and students just learned about the scare on Monday.

On the heels of this investigation, police are encouraging families across the area to talk with your kids and stress the importance of reporting anything of concern.

"We talk about this over and over and over, pay attention to what your kids are doing online," Lt. Howard Black, a spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Police Department said.

Even more important now than ever, after police say, two 13-year-old boys at Sabin Middle School were messaging each other about a "kill list" while discussing how to carry out their threats.

"It is so important, talk to your kids, listen to your kids, sometimes kiddos are talking about what they've heard from other children, please pay attention and listen, listen to our kids," Black said.

The attack was stopped after a student spoke up.

"The need to be aware of your surroundings and report these kinds of things is critical, we are so thankful for someone who reported this so that we were able to take advantage and make sure that all of these students in this school are safe," Devra Ashby, a spokesperson for District 11 said.

District 11 stressing the value of their students speaking up to teachers, law enforcement, parents and now, online systems like Safe2Tell.

"We rely on the Safe2Tell anonymous hotline, we also rely on tips that we get too so that we're able to keep everyone safe," Ashby said.

Safe2Tell isn't how this hit list was reported, but it is an app and an anonymous hotline credited with saving lives daily.

"If someone had spoken up, school shootings is a good example, four out of five times, there was a young person that knew and failed to report it and that is hard to stomach," Susan Payne, Safe2Tell Colorado Executive Director said.

But that is quickly changing. Last year alone, Payne says they received 294 reports of planned school attacks across the state, that's up by 52 reports from the year before.

The Safe2Tell app is free and anonymous, it's also used to report suicide threats, bullying, drugs and a variety of other things.

You can download it onto your phone and report anything of concern in confidence.

The Safe2Tell hotline is 1-877-542-7233.

For more information about Safe2Tell, click here.

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