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Doherty High School will return to normal bell schedule Monday

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COLORADO SPRINGS - The Principal of Doherty High School sent a letter to parents in regards to his previous decision on closing the school campus during lunch and free periods.

In regard to last weeks shooting incident the Doherty High School Principal Kevin Gardner says beginning Monday the school will return to a normal bell schedule and single lunch period. The campus however will open only during lunch for grades 10-12, but freshman will not be permitted to leave the campus during lunch.

The letter to parents explains that no students will be allowed off campus until the school is able to establish an effective and efficient sign-in and sign-out system.

The principal says that having an open campus is a privilege not a right, but students should earn this privilege and responsibility through academic performance, progress towards graduation, attendance, and appropriate behavior. 

Students bear a large part of responsibility in ensuring the safety and security of the school building, says Principal Gardner.

The school has outlined it's expectations going forward as follows:

  Freshmen students will not have open campus privileges, during open periods or lunch. 
•  All students in grades 10-12 will have open campus privileges during lunch. 
•  Only students in grades 10 -12 with grades of C or above will be allowed off campus during open periods. Students during off periods will be expected to sign out and sign back in when leaving and re-entering the building. There will be no signing out during lunch.
•  All students will be required to visibly display their current Doherty High School I.D. with a schedule sticker attached to the back of the I.D.
•  Beginning fall of 2018 all classes will have a different colored I.D to determine grade level.
•  DHS students will not loiter near area businesses during the school day 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 

Administration & Staff
•  All administration and staff will be required to wear I.D. badges while on campus during the school day. 
•  All administration and staff will be expected to enforce new I.D. requirements for students and colleagues. 
•  I.D.s will have a student schedule to quickly determine student’s whereabouts

We would the help of all parents/guardians in supporting the changes from above, and having a conversation with their student(s) about:
•  Wearing school I.D.s 
•  Supporting the academic, behavioral and attendance requirements for off-campus privileges for grades 10-12 
•  Emphasizing the no-loitering request for all off-campus areas around Doherty High School
•  Supporting posted ‘No-Loitering’ signs and emphasize the importance of following the laws
•  Freshmen parents—supporting the closed campus policy for all freshmen students

The Colorado Springs Police Department told the school the shooting investigation is a top priority. The incident left one student shot in serious condition but later became stable, another student also sustained injuries. 

The Police have obtained warrants for two juveniles considered to be suspects in the shooting, but no word on arrests yet. 

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