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A Half Marathon ... DONE!

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I’m D.O.N.E. DONE! And thank goodness for that. 

I have to say, the weather was basically perfect this morning for the American Discovery Trail Half Marathon. It was warm enough that I didn’t need an extra layer for the start, which is always a win. Despite that warm morning, it didn’t warm up too quickly! There was just enough cloud cover to keep things mainly shaded until the last couple of miles so the temperature stayed reasonable. YES!!!! That makes things so much easier.

The cooler air and clouds really helped with my breathing. I didn’t struggle with breathing for the majority of the time, which is rather shocking to me considering that was the biggest hurdle when I started. Apparently my lungs have finally acclimated. That only took nearly two years.

My knee and neck did hurt a lot during the second half of the race. Pretty sure there’s a pinched nerve or something similar in my neck right now and I’m not a fan of it. The pain slowed me down a bit despite the downhill on the run back to America the Beautiful Park. I still ran the whole way except for water stops (I learned the need for that the hard way during my first half), which I’m super proud of. I came in at just over 2:30 for the whole thing, which is pretty close to what I would’ve been shooting for if I’d set a specific goal aside from finishing.

A few other thoughts…  All of the spectators and volunteers were great! The aid stations were frequent and the people there even had signs like “Chuck Norris never ran a marathon”. Hahaha Everyone who came to watch along the route was super kind and supportive. One group did a cheer for my number as I ran by. One kid had a sign for “Free High Fives”. He’s pretty cool in my book.  My favorite sign was probably  “Only a few more (s)miles to go”. That one succeeded in actually making me smile. :)  The whole race actually seemed to go by very quickly. That might have been because I was tweeting about it every mile or so. Tweeting may have slowed my pace a bit, but it was a good distraction! I really felt the miles, but the time seemed to fly.

So 13.1 miles are done. I’ve got to say, I’m really glad I did this. There were a few times I really thought I was crazy to try to do this here and wanted to give up, but I’m glad I didn’t. More than the mileage, I’m just glad to know that I can run here without my lungs immediately revolting. My lungs have improved so much over the past few months. So hopefully this will not be the last running I do. There’s still some nice weather to enjoy and I think my wimpy knees need more time away from the treadmill.

Well, I guess that all depends on how quickly I can move without my knees and neck protesting. Hopefully a nice hot shower, some stretching, and a long rest will help!

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