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Your Healthy Family: Benefits of practicing mindfulness

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One of the most basic forms of mindfulness is breathing.. One of the most basic forms of mindfulness is breathing..

In this Mental Health Minute with Mayfield Counseling Colorado Springs, we’re talking about mindfulness, with Jan Rosko.  

Jan says mindfulness is an awareness of the present, with the acceptance of it.  “We want to bring our attention to the present, which is kind of hard to do in today's society because we're so busy running here and there.  Mindfulness is the being part of us, that we want to remind ourselves to do and it's a practice, that takes practice.  Mindfulness is great for both our mental health and our physical health.  Mentally it can reduce stress and help with emotional regulation.  With our physical health mindfulness can lower our blood pressure and it can improve our immune system.”

One of the most basic forms of mindfulness is breathing.  Jan says it’s something each of us do  hundreds of times a day without thinking about it.  When he thoughtfully focus on the process of each breath, and that we can only control the breath we are taking, not the breath we just took or the breath we are about to take, there can be real benefits.  

Jan says there are man other types of mindful meditation.  “If you have a smartphone there are hundreds probably thousands and thousands of apps that would be mindful or meditative in nature.  There are other things that are not exactly meditative but can be mindful.  Yoga is sort of in the middle meditative or not. Other things you can do is write in a journal that can be very mindful and help you focus and present.  Other things that you can do are the coloring books at the checkout stand at the grocery store, those can be very mindful.  Solitude can be mindful, walking can be mindful, and probably my personal favorite is walking a labyrinth, I love to walk a labyrinth.”

Jan also adds says the most important thing isn't which form of mindful meditation you choose but to choose one and get started.  If you have questions reach out to a mental health provider.  If you feel you're struggling with aspects of life don't be afraid to reach out for help.

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