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Ohhhhh We’re Halfway There

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Ohhhhh Livin on a Prayer!  Basically. I’m officially over halfway done with this insane thing. I’ve finally hit the point where I’m wondering “Why was this a good idea?”

Thank goodness I already did my registration so I can’t back out. This past week or so has gotten more difficult. “Short runs” are up to 4.5 miles and my long run was 7 miles.

Not. Cool.

I think we’ve reached the point where the ranting and raving need to begin so here it goes...

My knees officially hate me. I’ve never been one to have big knee issues with previous training, but they’ve started protesting a lot lately and it’s incredibly annoying. I love that they don’t crack when I run, but this hurting thing needs to stop. I’m too young to need a knee replacement!

Sweating is gross. If that’s too much information, stop reading. It’s gross. I like knowing that I’m working hard and actually doing something, but still. It means I’m going through clothes so quickly. My laundry has increased exponentially. There’s also so much showering and washing my hair when I’m running so often. I’m afraid to see the water bill.

I’m exhausted. I’ve noticed that I fall asleep quickly and a full night’s sleep just isn’t enough. I want to sleep and be lazy instead of running so often. I need a vacation.

Okay, venting somewhat done. Let’s talk a couple positives…

Running outside has gotten a little better. I’m still no good with tackling big hills, but running outside is now possible. I figured out that the route for the half marathon covers a trail near work so I’ve been trying to run over to that trail and do a few miles on that. It’s so much nicer than running on the sidewalks and trying to dodge traffic and worrying about directions and what not. So that’s a small comfort looking forward to the race.

Since I’m burning so many calories running, I can eat all of the things. That’s all I have to say about that.

P.S. That vacation I mentioned needing? I actually get it! Yay! I’m heading to Michigan for a week of fun, sun, lakes, friends, wineries, and breweries. I’m hoping to do some cross training and a few short runs while I’m there, but hopefully this will be a good rest so I can tackle the last few weeks of training when I get back :)

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