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Your Healthy Family: Acne study could lead to new treatment

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Weather you still deal with acne or your kids are now fighting the battle or even if it's nothing but a bad memory from your teenage years most of us can relate.

There's a new study out that suggests greasy foods like pizza are not the main cause behind breaking out.  While greasy foods may not help the situation the study from researchers at UCLA blames pimples on an unbalanced micro-biome.

Researchers took skin follicle samples from 72 people half with acne, half with clear skin people without acne.  Those with clear skin had bacteria, enriched with genes that are thought to prevent harmful bacteria from gathering on the skin.  The people prone to breakouts had a much different type bacteria on their skin.  In fact the differences were so distinct, that the researchers could predict which participants had acne just by looking at the bacteria on the skin.

Researchers say the findings could lead to new therapies to prevent acne.  The findings were  published in the Feb. 28 edition of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and could lead to a myriad of new therapies to prevent and treat the disfiguring skin disorder.

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