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Your Healthy Family: What's most important? Exercise, eating healthy food, or understanding the why?

Staying at a healthy weight and avoiding obesity ties right into National Heart month. Staying at a healthy weight and avoiding obesity ties right into National Heart month.

Staying at a healthy weight and avoiding obesity ties right into National Heart month.  When it comes to staying around your ideal weight and living a healthy lifestyle, how would you rate these 3 things in terms of most important to least important?  1. exercise or physical exertion.  2.  quality of food or quantity of food, in other words cheeseburgers and Twinkies or grilled chicken and salads.  3. psychologically understanding your eating habits.

Dr. Karl Kuzis with UCHealth Memorial Hospital says, the things that you might think are most important when it comes to eating right and being healthy may not be the most important.  

Dr. Kuzis says, “Everyone jumps to conclusion in our society that physical exertion is a big piece of it and while physical exertion is important, it is the least important of the 3.  Second thing people will jump to is nutritional content and quality of food and quantity of food, or timing of food and yes, all of those need attention, and need to be dealt with, but they are not nearly as important as the psychological behavioral habits of eating,"

This goes back to one of the first points of emphasis Dr. Kuzis shared, to follow the advice of Socrates, and know thyself.  Especially when it comes to the reasons why we eat the things we do and when we do and making a plan custom tailored to your life.

"This is a great place to use myself as an example”, says Dr. Kuzis.  “I grew up as a fat little kid, I had to work my way back from it and I was fortunate enough to to become an elite level athlete.  Now I vacillate somewhere between the two.  Now my pattern is, Monday through Thursday I don't care if I eat, it has no emotional content to me, so I'm very moderate in my breakfast.  I'm very very moderate in my lunch, I'm working at my desk anyway to there is nothing social about at all.  Then I'm home after everyone has eaten at night, so I have something modest.  That way It is very simple for me to give up calories and manage my stuff Monday through Thursday, but don't mess with my weekend.  Friday night is date night, if my wife wants to go out we're going to go out and there will probably be an appetizer, and dessert.  We are not going to deny ourselves, we are also not going to gorge ourselves with 17 appetizers and 4 desserts.  By planning ahead and giving up the calories during the week when I don't really care about them, I then have the the freedom and flexibility to have those calories when and where I do care them, and that makes a pattern that is sustainable."

Planning around the emotional aspects of your eating and tailoring that to your life while setting limits and knowing when you can indulge in moderation, just might be the most important aspect of avoiding obesity, more than working out and not eating Twinkies.

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