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Your Healthy Family: Staying off the weight loss Roller Coaster

It can be hard keeping off the weight loss roller coaster It can be hard keeping off the weight loss roller coaster

January is in the books, and if you lost weight in the last month because of a new year's resolution, keeping it off can often become difficult.  Dr. Karl Kuzis, a family practitioner with UCHealth Memorial, has some pointers on how to stay off the weight loss roller coaster and keep moving in the right direction.

Dr. Kuzis says, "When people find themselves with their weight up, they will make some changes and it's usually something simple, like 'I'm going to eat half portions and skip the sweets' and that works pretty well, and they can do it for a period of time."

The problems, according to Dr. Kuzis, can pop up at any point but generally around the eight- to 12-week mark and a social event can derail everything.

“I blame Great Aunt Edna - everyone has a Great Aunt Edna.  Everyone knows that one party because the entire family shows up, and that's when she brings out the cheesecake, you know the one I'm talking about, that comes around only once a year. On the way over (to the party)  they say to themselves, ‘I'm going to eat less and skip the cheesecake,’ but then you get there and it's social and now you have had your cheesecake and now you’re a loser, and you’re off the wagon."

That kind of thinking can create a psychological hurdle, says Dr Kuzis, leading you back to all your old bad habits.  However, he adds that with a little planning, you can occasionally have your cake - or even cheesecake - and eat it too.

“So the trick with this is to go backwards. If you know your pattern and know your habit and make choices that fit into it, it's easy to give up calories that you don't really care about.   Essentially you can moderate or protect the calories where you do care about them, and that give you the freedoms so when Great Aunt Edna's birthday rolls around you can have the cheesecake, and not the psychological damage of feeling like you failed."

Remember, It's always a good time to make meaningful changes in your life, and your doctor is a great place to start when it comes to losing weight or exercising if you have questions.?

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