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Your Healthy Family: Don't let Halloween derail a healthy diet

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Chances are if you have kids, you have Halloween candy around the house following all the trick-or-treating.  Dayna Zdenahlik is a weight loss coach with Metabolic Research Center who says just a few simple tips can keep you from falling into the candy trap.

"Americans spend about 2 billion dollars on Halloween candy annually, and the average person consumes around 5000 calories in candy during Halloween.  Add in that Halloween is the start of the holiday season, leading into Thanksgiving and Christmas, where we can really start to pack on pounds.  But the holidays don't have to derail us from our goals.  The first thing is to not buy the Halloween candy until the day before or day of, and don't open open the bag of candy until that first trick-or-treater arrives.  You can also make the last trick-or-treater’s day by giving them the rest of the candy so it's not in the house; no more temptation."

Even if you give all the candy out, if you have kids chances are they will bring more home which can also be a temptation, says Dayna.

"The best thing to do is keep it out of sight.  Put it on a high shelf or in the garage somewhere so  you are not walking by it on a continuous basis, because a piece here, a piece there can really start to add up on the calorie count."

Finally, Dayna says if you know you can limit yourself to just a few pieces of candy, set those limits and enjoy but the key is really knowing yourself.

"If you know one piece will lead to the whole bowl, then stay away.  If you know you can do one or two pieces and stop there, then set those boundaries for yourself.  Also remember we are having a great fall, so take advantage of the weather.  Get out and go for a walk or a hike, and get some exercise to burn off any of those extra calories."

Knowing and using these few simple strategies can really make a big difference when it comes to not letting Halloween derail your efforts to eat healthy.

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