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Brie's baby blog: Beautiful chaos

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Oh where to begin. Life has been a crazy, beautiful roller coaster for the past three weeks. I sit here writing as baby Maverick sleeps in my arms. He loves a good nap, but bedtime is a different story! We're currently in the midst of organizing and unpacking after buying a house and moving in shortly after giving birth. Not the most well thought out plan. All I can say is I'm sure glad that moving truck is empty. You'd think with the dozens of moves we've made we'd be pros by now. But you throw a brand new baby in the mix and there's no comparison. Oh  the exhaustion. Mav does not enjoy sleeping from about 1am-7am. I think he's keeping me on my morning show schedule. So I take it in stride and we make that our bonding time. Lots of singing, skin to skin, News5 Today and prying my eyes open to stay awake. I try to nap at least once during the day when he does, but man if I didn't know sleep deprivation is, I do now ??

This little angle is just so perfect in every way. I pinch myself all the time. For those of you who have been following my blog you know the long journey it took for us to get to finally hold him in our arms. I never want to put him down! 

The day I had him was just about as picture perfect as you could get. We were only in the hospital for about 8 hours before he was here. Four of those I napped. He was out and squealing after just a handful of pushes. I truly think god took grace on me. Don't get me wrong, it was painful and scary but a true miracle. There's no feeling like that first time you lay your baby on your chest. And my husband was a amazing- helping me through every bit of it. The love between us has grown more than I thought possible. He's such a natural dad. How blessed are we?? 

Maverick has my husbands eyes and face shape-my lips, chin and a mixture of our noses. Definitely looking more like Ryan as this point. Which is fair because I only carried him for 9+ months and birthed him, haha. Those hands though. I have attached a picture. The nurses and doctors pointed out his long fingers as soon as he entered this world. They fit his long arms, but the rest he will have to grow into. 

Besides bedtime, we have found out that our son absolutely detests baths. Second to that is a diaper change. Cold baby wipes are his enemy and if you leave that diaper off for longer than .5 seconds you too will be soaked in pee ;)   

What he does love is to eat! This little dude wants milk just about every hour and that's been a journey within itself. Because of my PCOS, (poly cystic ovary syndrome), and endometriosis - (both of which contributed to my infertility) breastfeeding and milk supply has been a huge challenge. I've also had two infections to top it off. With the help diet, lactation nurses, and medication we are making it work. He is getting plenty, but boy have there been some breakdowns along the way. It's not as easy as they make it look. I just keep telling myself he is healthy and loved  and that's what matters most.  

He couldn't be any more spoiled by family. Our dozen nieces and nephews, his aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, friends. They just can't get enough of him and we love it!!

How has it already been three weeks since he came into our lives?? Time passes so fast when you're trying to soak it up. Or maybe that has to do with the fact that no sleep makes it all blur together? 

I'm excited to share our adventures as a growing family with all of you!

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