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Your Healthy Family: Dealing with election season stress


If the emotions of election season are really stressing you out there are steps you can take to feel better about things.  Nathan Mesnikoff is the Director of Spiritual Care at UCHealth Memorial, and he says keeping perspective is key.

"I think one of the most important things is to realize you are not alone, a lot of people are feeling stressed about this election but we have to be careful not to buy too much into the hype.  The country has been around 240 years or so we will survive this and you will be ok.  You may not like the outcome of election, but 4 years from now we will get to make another choice."

Also Nathan says if you're stressed out, manage that stress.  Exercise, spend time with friends, and watch your media intake.  Stop listening to all the rhetoric and think about what you say in front of your kids, even if it's in the privacy of your home.

"Saying things around our children like ‘our county will never survive this’, they may not have the context to realize what you're talking about.  It can really freak them out so we have to be thoughtful about that."

For people who have a high level of election stress, combined with a personal history of poor reactions to stress, Nathan says pay attention to the level of your stress.  

"For some people, If the stress is high enough or you have the personal history that gets triggered by some of the conversations in the election, if you (think you) need help get it.  Reach out to friends or a professional.  Certainly if you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else call 9-1-1, or get to an Emergency Room and get the help you need."

Finally if you have trusted friends who you know you can have a civil discussion with, even if you don't agree on the issues, that discussion can very therapeutic, but keeping the discussion civil is the key.

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