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Your Healthy Family: Dick Rohrer's weight loss journey


Dick Rohrer like so many people has fought the weight loss battle for most of his adult life, but  over the last year and half he has finally started winning.  Dick says, "I started my journey at 275 and a half pounds and I am now, I have reached  my goal so a little over 80 pounds 81 and half to be exact."

It was a heart attack in 2015 that lead Dick to a conversation with his cardiologist who told him,  "You are very much overweight and for your health you have to lose weight and he said I have a recommendation for you some of my patients have gone to a place called metabolic research center it's been very effective for them."

Dick says losing the weight and getting started wasn't as easy as just showing up at Metabolic.    "I knew I was obese and when I went into the center the goal they set for me was 80 lbs and I thought there is no way, 80 pounds that I can do that but there was a lady there in the center when we went in and she had just reached her goal of 80 pounds and I got talking to her and she said oh you can do it, it's possible you just take little steps at a time."

That encouragement along with a number of factors finally were the difference for Dick.

"I guess made the difference for me is that it was the right time, I was highly motivated when I went to metabolic for the consultation I felt hopeless really felt like there wasn't any chance I had tried before, but the staff there has been incredible I think one of the keys to the program is the accountability twice a week of weigh-in's and the coaches there have been outstanding.”

For others looking to lose weight Dick says,  "You can do it, it took me a year I just reached my goal, and It's been quite a journey."

Dick is now in the maintenance part of his program at metabolic and says his doctor is thrilled at his overall health he's off many medications and feeling great.  If you’re struggling with your weight there are a lot of options out there.  The keys to success are always accountability, even if it’s just to yourself as you reduce the amount of calories you take in and staying active.  Weight loss is a good topic to discuss with your doctor, and if you think the kind of structure and accountablity offered at metabolic can help you consultations are free.

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