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The final push, before the first push

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The work ladies showering this baby with love! The work ladies showering this baby with love!
39 weeks! 39 weeks!
My favorite thing- brownies in the bath My favorite thing- brownies in the bath

Any day, any minute, any time now little guy! We are so eager to meet you. I can't even begin to think of how much our lives are going to change and we couldn't be more excited. I feel like I know you so well, yet so many questions linger. Like how are you still fitting in this belly of mine?  What's your personality going to be? If I had to guess from your reactions to certain music, foods and voices you're going to be a feisty one. But who knows maybe you'll be more reserved with a hilarious sense of humor like your dad. Will you get the blonde gene or brunette?  It's all so crazy to think that we could be learning these answers in the next few days. Above it all, I just pray for your health. 

Hospital bags are packed, classes are checked off the list. The house has been cleaned and sanitized 6,000 times. We have your nursery set-up and stocked with all the stuff we think we need for you to arrive. All that's missing is you! 

As for how this mama is feeling. Woof! I am exhausted and sore from head to toe (I think my bladder is the size of my pinky fingernail). At the end of the day I want nothing more than to flop into bed and have Ryan rub my feet (a woman can dream can't she?) Instead my body has decided that it will only sleep for a total of three hours. Probably good training for a new baby, but it is rough when you work in the middle of the night. The morning show producers, directors, Stephen and Ira are all on their toes. It's especially fun to fake like my water is breaking now!  This week Ira's pre-show music choice has been a lot of AC/DC, we joke that'll become my "pushing" music. 

I have truly tried everything to put me into labor - walking, spicy foods, bumpy car rides, jumping jacks. My body is progressing and the contractions have started, but he must still be pretty comfy in there. Running out of room, but comfy.

My doctor says I'll be lucky to make it to my appointment tomorrow (Thursday) and if I do they will discuss inducing. Up until last week this pregnancy had gone smoother than I could possibly imagine. Now my blood pressure is starting to rise and in order to keep baby boy safe, we may just need to give him that extra push. 

I laugh looking back at my "bump" pics and thinking how big I was getting. Nothing compared to now! Baby boy is now fully grown, between 19-21 inches long and 7-8 pounds. That's the size of a small pumpkin!!

We can't wait to introduce all of you to our little guy. Maybe today?


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