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Kids will do the darndest things

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Facing the reality of a Monday is rough, but after such an adventure-filled weekend it's that much harder. A baby shower, family in town and the chance to see our little guy in 4D (it's just crazy how advanced technology has gotten).

Let me start out by telling you that I am 98 percent sure we're having a soccer player...maybe a karate expert..and definitely a wrestler. This baby never stops moving! His favorite time to be active is when I start the morning newscast. I'm guessing he recognizes mom's voice now :) He loves to practice his moves when Ryan plays him guitar and won't stop wiggling when it's my bedtime. When he's moving my belly looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, it's surreal to watch this little human growing inside of me. 

I have reached the home stretch in this pregnancy, at least that's what everyone is telling me and I sure hope they're right! He's now weighing in at a little more than 4 pounds and is 18 inches long. The best thing is knowing that if something were to happen today (say a little prayer it doesn't) that he has more than a 95 percent chance of survival. Of course, I'm going through the regular end of pregnancy fun (noticeable weight gain outside of my belly, swelling feet, legs and hands, no lung capacity, the end to my bending abilities, streaming tears, constant starvation, nesting to the 10th degree, my bladder has been cut in half and what's sleep? ) and all in the peak of summer time. We keep our house at a sweltering 65 degrees :)

Okay now to our fun-filled weekend. Ryan's family flew in for a short visit right in time for my baby shower. His mom, sister and our 4-year-old niece stayed with us. She gave us a little practice in energy and entertainment. That little girl is an absolute doll and so full of life! Of course to win best aunt and uncle we had gifts waiting for her when she came. Between shopping, parks, an exciting ultrasound, my baby shower and just catching up it seemed like they had to leave five minutes after getting here. 

As a birthday gift, Ryan set us up for a 3D/4D ultrasound during his family's visit. This way we all got to see our baby boy in real time. I didn't even know they had 4D HD ultrasounds, but like my sister pointed out - Ryan likes to watch his baby like he likes to watch his sports (in HD)! That was the tear jerker of the weekend. It was just amazing to see the way he moved his tiny little fingers and pouted out those big beautiful lips! This little guy was somewhat camera shy- not a trait he gets from me. If we had to guess he has Ryan's chin, my nose and the mailman's lips. I only joke!! He is absolutely perfect in every way! See for yourself in the pics I've attached. 

Ryan had his first "daddy boot camp" class this past weekend. He seemed to love it and came home with a new glow. Plus, it seems they put some of the focus on helping out mom-to-be in that class. So I clearly loved it! This was going on as his mom, sister, niece and I headed to my shower. In my past blogs I've explained how anal I am about planning things and making sure they go off without a hitch so I was a bit nervous to hand this all over to someone else. Let me just tell you it was perfect!

My sisters and mom did an amazing job- from decorating in my favorite rustic theme with cute blue mason jars filled with Baby's Breath and Daisies (my favorite) to providing all my pregnancy cravings. Yep you guessed it, the refried beans are back! We had cheeses from around the world (pasteurized unlike what Ryan brought back from Wisconsin, haha) My mom added the cherry on top with my favorite kinds of her homemade pies. I'm talking caramel apple, banana cream, double chocolate, and peanut butter cup. There are leftovers in the fridge! 

The humor provided by my friends daughter: she would put her ear to my belly and tell everyone around us just what baby was up to in there. Don't question it- she could hear everything he was doing and saying. Then this piggy-tailed, spunky little beauty caught me by surprise when she proceeded to look up my dress to actually see the baby. Kids will do the darndest things! It had us all in stitches laughing. 

What a wonderful day, our baby was just showered with so much love. The most memorable gift of all came from one of my very favorite people in this world, my grandpa. He hand-made a newborn pair of chaps of our little boy. The picture is attached, could it get any cuter than that? I love my cowboy roots. Oh and even though someone snuck in a Packers onesie we finally got a handful of Broncos gear so Baby G will be looking sharp in time for football season! 

Now that we're set with everything from clothes and a bathtub to a new crib and stroller, we just wait. Wait to meet this little miracle. 

Before I go let me just say how amazing it is watching as your husband gets ready to become a dad. There was this family in front of us at church this past weekend. They were a couple about our age with a brand new baby. Of course like any expectant mother I was secretly watching them out of the corner of my eye. It's when I turned to Ryan that those silly hormones got to me. He had a big grin on his face watching that baby like a hawk. He turned to me and pulled me close. It's those moments...

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