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Your Healthy Family: Till's fresh organic approach to food

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When it comes to healthy eating it can be a tall task when you eat out.  Now there's a new restaurant in Colorado Springs that's getting a lot of buzz not only for their food, but also for where they get their ingredients and how they are prepared.

Till Vice President and Chief Culinary Officer, Sheamus Feeley says "Till for me, is a casual restaurant and dining experience and mercantile.  What we want to be able to do is offer something that everybody can use everyday."

Items on the menu at Till are not all necessarily low calorie.  Feeley adds "As we talk about healthy eating and healthy living I think a lot of people still focus on caloric content more than the actual food itself.  What does the sourcing look like is it being thoughtfully and responsibly sourced.  Are you using whole food in your supply chain?  I always joke and I say we don't have to be great chefs (here at Till), we just have to be great shoppers."

Shopping for Till, Happens from local sources whenever possible, but they are not 100% farm to table says Feeley.  "In Colorado we have a 26 week growing cycle, it’s not like in California where you can grow almost year around, but you're still limited some times of year.  We can't be 100% local, all the time, and we are never going to be able to be.  Our job first and foremost is to cook great food, and for us it's flavor first, and great food first.  Even as it stands now there are avocados behind me (in the kitchen), we don't grow avocados in Colorado that I know of, but if there is a person doing that, I want to shake that person's hand."

Besides great taste, another benefit is Till's fully organic and in-house approach is that many options on their menu are gluten free.  "When you cook with whole food, and you source responsibly and thoughtfully, those things just happen naturally, so you don't have to say we are going to develop a gluten free item, it doesn't happen that way.  We decide we are going to develop the best version of an item we possibly can, we do it the right way with clean ingredients and whole food, and then more often than not you find yourself arriving there (gluten free) naturally."

When you think healthy eating, you may not think cheeseburger but they are on the menu at Till, Feeley explains it like this, “If I have a choice between a commodity cheeseburger, or having a 100% grass fed beef cheeseburger that I know comes from right here in Black Forest with people who we have a great relationship with, and we know how they raise their animals, and what the genetics look like from those animals.  I know 100% grass fed beef is going to be better for my body.  You can get into the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and all the things that nerds like me like to talk about, but at the end of the day, grass fed beef is flat out better for you, your body processes it easier.  On top of that, we are not bringing in buns with conditioners, or tons or additives because we are making them here in house as a whole product.”

Sheamus Feeley and his staff are passionate about the menu items being fresh, organic and whenever possible locally sourced and that passion shows in their final product each and every day.

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