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Your Healthy Family: Treating road rash

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In Colorado people love to live an active and outdoor lifestyle.  In the summer months enjoying our great state can often lead to accidents that can result in falls, bumps, bruises, scrapes, breaks and more.

Dr. Ian Tullberg is the Urgent Care Medical Director with UCHealth Memorial, and say’s "We see road rash constantly.  Last week in about an hour I saw 2 broken wrists, from falling playing basketball, and running down a trail.  Those things are great to get out and do, they help you keep physically active during the summer, but be careful." adding you just need to use common sense.  "You’re running down a trail, you trip and fall, there’s not a lot of prevention you can do there.  Just have good footwear, be aware of your surroundings make sure you don't have your earphones blaring.  In terms of skating have your wrist guards on, make sure you always wear a helmet make sure your kids always wear a helmet."

And if you do take a fall or get some nasty road rash, when should you head to the doctor? Dr. Tullberg says "If it's a traumatic injury, a pretty substantial fall onto concrete and the pain after about a half hour isn't improving.  When you bruise yourself you kind of know what that feels like, a break is usually going to feel a whole lot worse.  If you really start having discomfort that is not going away like normal, than you should think about being seen.  It's just a quick x-ray, and it’s a good idea to get that done make sure you don't need further treatment."

Finally, when it comes to road rash clean it right away, and make sure you’re cleaning it the right way adds Dr. Tullberg.  "A huge thing to do is to make sure you get it cleaned, but don't use hydrogen peroxide.  Throw that out if you have it, because it actually damages your healing tissue.  You want to get rid of that that whole bubbling sensation, sure it can clean up blood but it also damaged tissue and can delay healing.  Soap and water is always your best bet, and if that is too painful then come into the clinic and we have things we can do to prevent infection and make it less painful to clean that wound.”

Here's to a safe summer and staying out of the doctor’s office when you can, but make sure to go to the doctor when you should.

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