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Sneeze only after a trip to the bathroom

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Hello there third trimester! I've heard some pretty unpleasant things about you but here I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. After all, I have waited for so long for you to get here, it means in just a few months I finally get to hold this sweet baby boy. On the other hand, those much dreaded accusations are true. Every bit of them. 

I can't sleep, everything aches, my hands and feet are swollen and on fire. Why can't the air conditioners get any cooler? Not to mention, the countdown is on to the end of these embarrassing moments. If you're pregnant or have been, you know what I'm talking about: the unexpected sneeze "reactions" and the movement of "air". Oh and that wonderful nausea is returning thanks to the constant karate kicks. I love, love feeling how active he is, but man some of those jabs feel like everything is crashing down. 

Note to self:

Your balance is off, bike rides just aren't the same. 

Yoga is no longer a showmanship of flexibility, you're not flexible. 

Those body parts are still there, you just can't see them.

People aren't trying to offend you when they say, "You're huge!"

Opting for the elevator every once in a while is A-okay.

It may look really good, but cut it off at some point. Being so full you want to die is not worth it. 

Sneeze only after a trip to the bathroom

We got the nursery half-way put together. Still doing some decoration shopping and figuring out a theme. I want to get ahead of the game with organizing because I know we'll have much more to put away after our baby shower. We have the best family and friends! My favorite part of nursery prep is definitely looking at all the books and checking out the pint size outfits. So cute! Then, I watched my husband grew increasingly frustrated with assembling the crib so I decided to step in. We had a great time doing it together, but it was exhausting. Those things just have too many odd looking parts. Once it was all set up and done I took some time rock and read to the baby.

He's now a little over 16 inches tall, the size of a pineapple and about three pounds. Let's just say the bottom of my belly has disappeared from my view. and my feet seem to be shrinking.

What is growing is the love for our baby. We were recently at one of my nieces birthday parties and just in time for cake cutting he started kicking. As you can see in the picture attached, my little niece wasn't too thrilled about having to wait for that cake (don't worry she got an extra big piece for being patient). And it doesn't stop at home. I recently brought our producer to tears when I laid her had on my belly. It was the first time she had ever felt a baby move. It truly is a little miracle. 

I am anxious, grateful and loving pregnancy...but so ready for him to be here already!

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