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Your Healthy Family: Bee Stings

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UCHealth Memorial has announced they are joining forces with "Integrity Urgent Care" in El Paso County including 3 locations in Colorado Springs.  Integrity Urgent Care is known for quality patient care and low wait times.  The merger allows Integrity to join UCHealth's  electronic medical record system, allowing doctors and healthcare professionals immediate access to patients’ health information. That can facilitate seamless transfers between urgent care, primary, specialists, and hospital care.  The improved communication will increase patients’ level of care and outcome.  Patients will begin to see the benefits of this new partnership later this summer.

Speaking of Urgent Care, a summer injury that often leads people to the urgent care are bee stings.  Bee stings are painful, and if someone is allergic to bee stings, Dr. Ian Tullberg, the Urgent Care Medical Director with UCHealth Memorial says, that  can lead to a whole new level of problems.  “It's called anaphylaxis; they are all over the place. Wasps, bees, usually if you leave them alone they will leave you alone, but if you’re out on the back patio and there is a nest somewhere you don't know about and you have impeded on their space and they might come after you.  If you are allergic to bees, you know you have an anaphylactic reaction where you can't breath anymore. You need to be seen right away."

If you are stung by a bee or wasp and begin having trouble breathing, Dr. Tullberg says there is one simple thing you should always do before you head to the doctor that will help.  "Before you go in to be seen, take Benadryl.  That is the one thing that we see folks NOT doing.  They will get stung, an hour or two before they come into the clinic, and we ask them what have they done and they have done nothing for it.  If they have some kind of allergy or think they have some kind of allergy, Benadryl is the first thing and is the key to help with the symptoms, especially to stave off any anaphylaxis.  If you’re having a hard time breathing you will also need medications that urgent care or emergency rooms have to administer."

If you’re not allergic to bee stings, they can still be painful.  If the stinger is still in your skin, pull it out, and put some ice on it for about 20 minutes.  The Benadryl can still help with any itching  And Ibuprofin or Tylenol can help with the pain.  As always if you have any questions reach out to your doctor.

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