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Your Healthy Family: MRC Incline Challenge

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There are many benefits of weight loss.  People who lose weight generally see tangible differences in their lives.  Those differences can be small -  like fitting into smaller-sized clothes - or something big like the ability to conquer the Manitou Incline.

Metabolic Research Center in Colorado Springs has a yearly “Incline challenge” for their weight loss clients.  Jose Padilla Negron is a weight loss coach with Metabolic and says, "It's something Metabolic has been doing for a couple of years now.  It's one of those things where clients want to push themselves, so we came up with an Incline challenge, and we get our clientele to see who wants to come out and challenge themselves.  The Incline is a goal for them, and for anybody here in Colorado Springs, really.  Many of our clients think this is something they can't realistically do, but as they see themselves losing weight and we are helping them to lose the weight, it's a sense of accomplishment to challenge themselves and do the Incline.  Once they actually get on the Incline and do it, and we are helping them get up, it's a victory for everyone."

Jose is one of the weight loss coaches from Metabolic Research Center in Colorado Springs that leads the hike up the Incline.  He says, "Clients do want to push themselves to see who can get up there the fastest, but for the most part, it's a sense of accomplishment for all the clients in general just to make it up.  There are also clients that know it's a challenge and they need somebody to help them up.  One of the nicest things about this is that everybody challenges themselves and there is a never-quit attitude."

As a weight loss coach at MRC, Jose helps clients develop and maintain that never-quit attitude, not only with their weight loss goals but in making it to the top of the Incline.   "Me, as a coach, I'm there to help push clients to do their very best.  I spent time in the military so I know the concept of never leaving anyone behind, so you kind of go into that mentality when we are taking these clients up the Incline.  No is going to be left behind, we are going to finish it as a group."

Finish as a group they did, and if like the people in this group, you have earned the stunning views from atop the Incline you know the feelings of pride and accomplishment that comes along with all the hard work.  Jose says about this year’s group, "When we got up to the top if there was any way that we could have started a party up at the top, we would.  That's how much of an accomplishment of it was for them."

Before you begin any new weight loss or exercise program, check with your doctor.  Daily activity and a healthy diet are the keys to a healthy lifestyle, no matter how you get them.  If you think the structure and support they offer at Metabolic Research Center can help you, give them a call they will be happy to talk with you about your individual goals. You can reach them at 719-637-9767 or http://www.emetabolic.com/locations/centers/colorado-springs

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