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The name game

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So it's week 26 and our nugget is the size of a bowling pin or butternut squash- whichever you prefer. I'm fearing the fact that I'm inching out of the "blissful" trimester and into what people refer to as the MISERABLE stages . The joint pain, sleepless nights, heartburn and exhaustion, oh how fun. Plus, my Doc has already told me this is when the pounds will start packing on. So wait- they weren't already? Ummm...I'm in trouble now. Really though, I'm taking it all in stride and finding something new each day that I love about my pregnancy.  

This week we're really trying to hunker down on a name. We have a few in mind and two favorites. The middle name is still up in the air. It's such a big job! Our little guy will live with this name for the rest of his life and we want him (and us) to love it. As for everyone else...well I'm not going to be worried about pleasing them. After suggesting a few of our original names we learned quickly that everyone has an opinion. Love it or hate it, they'll let you know. Honestly, you're not going to find something everyone loves so Ryan and I have decided to keep his name hush-hush. Our parents and siblings are trying to sneak it out of us, but our lips our sealed (plus we're not fully set on one just yet, ha).  And I want to see what he looks like before we name him something that may not fit. 

That's a debate within itself. Half of the people I talk to say the name they had picked just didn't suit their baby so they switched it. The other half believe that a baby grows into their name. My husband is the latter and I'm of course the former. We have to go in with a couple of options. Maybe I'm wrong- we should take a poll.

Ryan and I want his name to be a little unique as in not on the top 5 name list. We don't want it so unique  that people are going to second guess how to say or spell it. Man a lot of work goes into this and we are sooo indecisive. 

So please help! If you have any name suggestions we would be more than happy to hear them!! 

Email (bgroves@koaa.com), Tweet (@brie_koaa) or FB (Brie Groves KOAA)  me with your suggestions.

Quick side note, my husband and I took a road trip to Wisconsin recently. I flew back to make it here in time for this week's News5 Today shows.  He stayed behind to spend a little more time with his family and pick up a few hand-me-down baby items. Anyway, my cravings for certain things have been extra strong lately. One of those happens to be real Wisconsin cheese. So of course Ryan, being the nice guy he is, stopped by a big cheese plant on his way home. He bought about five different kinds of mouth-watering cheeses. All of which are made with raw cows milk. Not processed. Not safe for pregnant women to eat. So there they sit in my fridge staring at me (I'll share theme of course). 

I was bitter with Ryan until yesterday when I opened to the fridge and to my surprise there was a cooked lunch ready to go (remember I leave for work around 1:45am so we are ships passing in the night right now). The best part-- there was a Reese's bar on top with a cute little note. Talk about happy tears! Oh yeah- he had also taken the cars to get washed, gassed up and cleaned out...but that Reese's bar...yum! Hope everyone gets to start off their day as happy as I was in that moment!

Happy 4th of July weekend!

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