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Your Healthy Family: Day Sleeping Tips

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Those who work a non-traditional shift already know that getting adequate rest during daylight hours can sometimes be a challenge.  While working a non-traditional shift does interfere with the body’s circadian rhythms, there are things that night shifters can do to help their bodies get the shut eye that they need.

Dr. Reena Mehra, is a sleep expert at Cleveland Clinic, and says it often comes down to controlling the amount of light in your sleeping environment.  “Black-out drapes are great and can be very effective so especially in our shift workers who work at night and then they’re going home and then trying to get sleep, it’s hard to do that if you see the sun streaming in through your windows,” said Dr. Mehra.

Dr. Mehra said that light is the strongest cue that we have to signal our circadian rhythm, as our bodies take cues from both the intensity of light as well as the timing of light.

For the morning drive home, Dr. Mehra said it’s important to begin the process of letting the body wind down and prepare for rest.  “Shift workers, we actually say on your way home in the morning to wear sunglasses and then that can help kind of get you ready for home when you want to sleep,” said Dr. Mehra.

In addition to black out drapes and sunglasses, Dr. Mehra suggests the following sleep tips for shift workers:

Use a sleep mask to block out unwanted light

Use earplugs to block out daytime noise

Avoid napping

Avoid caffeinated beverages close to bedtime

Keep a consistent sleep/wake time (even on the weekends)

It’s also a good idea to let others know what hours you’re working and when you will be sleeping so that you can avoid distractions and disruptions when you’re getting your shut eye.

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