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Your Healthy Family: Healthy Vision Month

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May is Healthy Vision Month, and eyesight is something we too often take for granted until we start having problems.  When it comes to making eye health a priority, the best thing to do is to schedule regular eye exams. When it comes to children, the first exam can be important, and it should happen at a much younger age than you might imagine, says Dr. Marcus Meyer with ABBA Eye Care.

"A child you should get an exam at 6 months of age. What they do is check for tumors, they check for eye balance, and they make sure you don't have ‘lazy eye.’  Then as the child progresses they need an exam once a year because as they grow their eyes change, sometime quickly so yearly checks for the children is very important,” Meyer said. “ As you get into your 20's then you need to be seen about every 2 years, and for diabetic patients it needs to be every year."

To make sure the exam is comprehensive do not pass on getting your eyes dilated, says Dr. Meyer.  "The importance of dilation can’t be overlooked. They are looking for tumors, they are looking for retinal detachment, they are looking for macular degeneration they are looking for anything that is abnormal in the back of the eye that can affect your vision.  If you're not dilated you cannot see into the corners of the eye to see if you have a retinal tear, and that is where they often occur."

If dilation is something you’re uncomfortable with because of the blurry vision and light sensitivity for a couple of hours after the exam, many eye doctors offer a retinal imaging scan as an alternative to dilation called OPTOS or OPTIMAP.  Most of the time these retinal scans can take the place of getting your eyes dilated.  However it’s done, looking into the back of the eye can help your eye doctor detect problems early, when they are easier to treat.  

If you haven't had your eyes checked for a while schedule a comprehensive exam and make your eye health a priority.

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