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Your Healthy Family: Spring Allergies for Children

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Spring time can be tricky for parents who have kids who may be experiencing allergies for the very first time. The runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes can all easily be dismissed as a lingering cold.  But there are some important warning signs parents need to keep in mind.

Dr. Marcus Degraw at St. John children’s center say’s "Right at the time the weather starts to change and we start seeing that growth kids start coming in by the boatload with allergy symptoms.  Runny nose, congestion, post nasal drip itching of the eyes drainage of the eyes, redness of the eyes can be involved as well sneezing certainly and coughing"

While those symptoms can also be caused by a virus and If they persist or follow a pattern, that's a red flag for allergies.  Dr. Degraw adds “When a kid comes in its trying to evaluate are those symptoms more off and on like upper respiratory infections on a reoccurring basis would be or are they persistent... So that is the first step"

Proper treatment can reduce the symptoms and the impact allergies have on a child's life. "Allergies for kids are quite invasive for their life it can cause sleep disturbance ,it can cause functioning at school to suffer, it can cause significant difficulties with their day to day energy levels and their day to day appetite and life functioning.  Down to 1 to 2 or 3 years of age are quite common for kids to start coming in with allergy type symptoms"

If you notice allergy type symptoms in your child, make some notes about the timing and what your child was doing that day.  That kind of information can help doctors spot potential patterns.  Interestingly, the tendency to suffer from allergies tends to run in families, but not *specific* allergies.  That means if you're allergic to something, your child has a higher risk of developing allergies too, but not necessarily to the same thing.

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