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Your Healthy Family: Cosmetic Orthodontics


A smile is a very personal thing that for many can be their calling card, but for others even slightly imperfect teeth can make smiling and uncomfortable thing.  But it’s a problem that can be fixed through cosmetic orthodontics.  When most people hear the word orthodontics teenagers and braces are the first thing that comes to mind.  Dr. Fred Guerra says that especially for teenagers, traditional orthodontics are generally the best way to go.  “When you have someone in the growth and development state, teenagers your adolescents might best be managed by an orthodontist so we are not talking about complex cases for the adolescent that is best handled by a specialist.”

For many adults however Dr. Guerra says cosmetic orthodontics can make a world of difference when it comes to finding comfort with your smile.  “Cosmetic orthodontics are when we are in a social situation and we smile and we have what you call the social six, those are the canine to canine and that's where the majority of people who have a crooked smile or a couple of teeth out of place that's where you notice it mostly it's certainly not the bite, or inclusion in the back so it's that smile in the social six.”

When it comes to straightening those slightly crooked teeth the fastest results generally come from traditional braces worn for four to ten months, but braces are not the only option.  There are several tray based options such as Invisalign.  “A tray based system is where you are applying something that might resemble a night guard, or a sports mouth piece, and it incrementally changes the position of the teeth by applying pressure in certain situations.  The advantages of that system you can remove the trays to brush and clean your teeth or when you eat, it's easier to maintain hygiene the disadvantages are that it's an appliance, people don't want to have them in twenty two hours a day which they really need to.”

Dr. Guerra says bottom line if for any reason your smile is something you’re uncomfortable with, ask your dentist what your options are to straighten your teeth.  It’s never too late and it could be easier than you think.

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