May 26, 2014 6:43 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Suffering a Stroke

In this Your Healthy Family report, News 5 spent time with a man who experienced a stroke.
He told us about what happened and how he's recovering.
"I wasn't sure what was happening but I knew it wasn't a good thing so I did ask my wife to call 911, said Richard Bond.
Bond said he started feeling dizzy and confused one morning and the symptoms kept coming.
"I felt so hot and my left side felt a little bit tingly and weird," he said.
He was taken to Memorial Hospital where he thought he was responding to doctors clearly.
"But yet they kept saying - can you speak up, we can't hear you. And I would just almost shout, in my mind I was yelling," Bond said.
Doctors gave him a drug called TPA which dissolves blood clots for people having a stroke.
"It's estimated that almost 2 million brain cells die every minute before treatment of a stroke caused by a blood vessel blockage, so the goal is to administer treatment to those appropriate as soon as possible," said Dr. Janice Miller, a neurologist at Memorial Hospital.
Dr. Miller says after someone has suffered a stroke, there is no typical recovery.
"The perfect patient is like Richard who is very self motivated and very healthy but we see strokes in patients of all ages from teens, 20's to older ages," she said.
Richard says his recovery involved speech therapy and physical, where he learned how to stand up again, and walk.
"This has been almost 7,8 months since I had the stroke and I think it's a remarkable recovery to be able to use my hands and feet again, to be able to drive an automobile. All the things that most people take for granted were all gone in a matter of minutes," Richard said.
"Get a hold of 911 right away and maybe you can be as lucky as I have been and fortunate to be able to recover," he added.
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