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May 29, 2014 8:05 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Local man's bike accident

News 5 spoke with a local man who injured his pelvis and shoulder after a dirt bike accident and how surgeons handled his complex case.
"I think I was so worried about being damaged for life, I was afraid I'd have a limp my whole life with a cane, and I was afraid that I'd never use my arm again," said Chris Bryan.
Bryan was riding dirt bikes with one of his friends last year when he wrecked.
"I just lost control and the dirt bike went into a barbed wire fence after landing from a jump and I flew off the bike after hitting the fence," said Bryan.
After having X-rays done in Pueblo, doctors realized he had a fracture they couldn't treat so he was brought to Memorial Hospital.
"He had a complex acetabular fracture on the right side from his motorcycle accident and then also a very complex scapular fracture on the right side," said Dr. Peter Fredericks, an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon at Memorial Hospital.
His pelvis and shoulder were both injured.
Dr. Fredericks was one of three doctors on the case.
He handles complex cases like Chris's.
He says on a scale to ten Chris's injury was around a seven or eight.
"You can kind of think of the pelvis like a pretzel, if it breaks in one place it usually breaks in another place, and you want to keep that closed down to prevent or just get it back to its normal anatomy," said Dr. Fredericks.
He says all trauma is not preventable but sometimes it is.
"If you're driving a car don't drive distracted. I see too many injuries from people talking on their phones, texting on their phones, not paying attention. It's unfortunate they hurt themselves or others as a result of that, I know it's not intentional," he said.
Chris says his recovery was hard and there was a lot of laying around. It was a long process, but worth it for himself and his family.
"Wear a helmet, luckily for me I didn't put a scratch on my helmet but I was probably one of the lucky ones," he added.


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