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Jun 3, 2014 4:31 PM by Annie Snead

Your Healthy Family: Dental Care for Babies

News 5 spoke to pediatric dentists about when to start taking your child to the dentist and some simple things parents can do to prevent dental problems for their children.
"We see a lot of kids that have cavities at the age of two and that can be very disheartening both for the kid and for the parents and for us. Nobody wants to see a young child have to go through dental treatment at a young age, especially if it can be preventable," said Dr. Andrea D'addario with Rocky Mountain Pediatric.
She says for children who are just getting their teeth - prevention and good habits are key.
"Here in Colorado, the fluoride differs in the drinking water all throughout the region and so every patient that comes in, we see where they're living, what the fluoride level is, and that also plays into what their risk is for cavities," said Dr. D'addario.
She and Dr. Janelle Tonn treat kids of all ages.
They say six months after a child gets their first tooth is about the time they should come in; which is typically around age one
Dr. Tonn says kids taking bottles to bed with milk or juice can be a big issue.
"It can cause cavities, if its washing over their teeth especially if they go to bed with it," said Dr. Tonn.
She encourages parents to start brushing with the first tooth or even before to get kids used to it.
"It can be very frustrating for parents when their kids are screaming and crying and that makes them not want to brush their teeth every night," added Dr. Tonn.
Dentists say it's important that kids get their teeth in the right order: usually starting with the bottom before they get their top, and their front teeth before getting their molars.


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