Mar 14, 2014 12:26 AM by Tony Spehar

Woman posing as homeowner asks neighbor for help breaking into home

Colorado Springs Police are investigating after a woman claiming to be locked out of a home on the 600-block Crown Ridge Drive attempted to get a neighbor to help her break into the house.

Koya Pocock was inside the home with her dad at around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday when she heard something at their backdoor.

"I kind of looked out the window and I saw this guy just kind of looking at the ground then looked up at me with this confused face," Koya described.

As it turns out the man she found herself face to face with was just as surprised to see her as she was to see him. He told Koya's father that a woman claiming to live in the Pocock's home had asked for his help getting inside the house.

"A woman went across the street to our neighbor and said that she was locked out of her house, she wasn't wearing any socks or shoes, she asked him to borrow some socks and if he would help her break into our house," explained Jessie Pocock, Koya's mother.

The woman ran off when she saw Koya in the house, the Pocock's called Colorado Springs Police who searched the area. Officers said the case is unusual, but that potential burglars often try many kinds of deception to get inside houses.

"Anytime someone comes to your door you should be a little suspicious," advised Sgt. Mark DeVorss. "We have had many cases around town where people, suspects, have posed as utility workers or cablevision workers."

One of the best defenses is being familiar with your neighbors and to watch for strangers.

"Now we know our neighbor across the street, we know that that will never occur again, he's probably looking out for us now," said Jessie Pocock.

Police also advise joining or starting neighborhood watch groups to protect your neighborhood from crime.


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